About Us.

Falco — Network system engineer
Bide — Full Stack developer

Our Story

Our story begins during a dark time in the internet. It is time of the great SSH vs. RDP wars. The software developer is creating a new application that will make SSH obsolete. The network engineer is furious at the developers hubris.

The developer reminds the engineer of the past when the network engineer made the great mistake of running Telnet on their network.

The developer decides to help the network engineer and build the elektr.io platform. The network engineer is very grateful and invites the developer to his house for dinner.

The developer arrives at the engineers house. The engineers wife is angry. She yells at the developer and locks him in the spare bedroom. The developer is frightened, but he has no choice but to stay with the network engineer.

The engineer has always wanted to explore the great outdoors. The developer has always wanted to explore the great indoors. So the network engineer and developer build a secure tunnel through the mountains to the great outdoors. They start to explore the great outdoors! It is a beautiful place.

In the great outdoors, they meet a wild dog. The dog attempts to attack the network engineer. The network engineer is very angry. The developer does not want to anger the dog. The network engineer attempts to explain that the dog is just a misunderstood animal. The dog is just a dog. The developer is grateful that the engineer saved his life.

The dog is grateful that the developer understands him.